Tim Curtis

: Miami, FL

    Tim Curtis wrote his first complete sentence seven years ago. He was so excited he immediately signed up for evening classes at Miami-Dade College. Two years later he joined John Dufresne’s Friday Night Writers group and has a near perfect attendance record. Thanks to spell check, and the feedback he received from the group, he completed FIU’s three-year writing program in five years. This fall marks his sixth year attending Friday Night Writers and his fourth year in FIU’s three year MFA program. When Tim isn’t busy rewriting his awesome comedic novel Live Is Good—If But Briefly, he dabbles in short stories and poetry. Tim never shies away from a chance to share his writing, and is available for bedside readings from his tome of early missives he modestly refers to as “sedative literature.”

    Tim learns and forgets something every day. He claims he remains about as smart as he was in high school.

    Tim’s stories include “Sucks” in Everything’s Broken, Too and  “Asset Management” in Everything Is Broken.

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    1. Tim Curtis…we met in St louis, early 80’s,Central West End, in a salon above Duffs. I had a blissfully erotic dream about you last night. I have always, and will continue to, follow your work. I took a remedial writing class…
      Remember, ‘It’s important to appear interested in others’.

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